Portraits for Spirit Magazine

For a couple of years now I've been doing a monthly portrait for the business section of Southwest Airlines inflight magazine.

Below are a number of my favourites from the past.  I'll post a few newer ones shortly as they're published.

 Wolfgang Puck ,   ©Melinda Josie, 2013

Wolfgang Puck©Melinda Josie, 2013

 Marty Sklar ,   ©Melinda Josie, 2013

Marty Sklar©Melinda Josie, 2013

  Jim Henson, (and Kermit the Frog),   ©Melinda Josie, 2013

Jim Henson, (and Kermit the Frog), ©Melinda Josie, 2013

 Blake Mycoski ,   ©Melinda Josie, 2013

Blake Mycoski©Melinda Josie, 2013

  Russell Simmons,  ©Melinda Josie, 2014

Russell Simmons, ©Melinda Josie, 2014

 Liza Landsman ,   ©Melinda Josie, 2014

Liza Landsman©Melinda Josie, 2014

 Jim Koch ,   ©Melinda Josie, 2014

Jim Koch©Melinda Josie, 2014