Dallas, Texas (pt. 1)

I just got back from a pretty wonderful trip.

I went down to Dallas for a break away from a bit of a busy time.  Things were pretty hectic leading up to the trip, so it was extra satisfying to get away.

I've never been to Texas, so I was pretty excited, (mostly about all of that BBQ, but also for the heat, since it's been such a cool summer here in Toronto).

I got to meet one of the art directors that I've been working with monthly for the last couple of years at Southwest Airline's inflight magazine, Spirit.  Eric was a huge help recommending some great spots to visit around the city.  We met for a drink after getting settled in downtown, and had a great visit.  Thank you for your hospitality, Eric!

One neighbourhood in particular that I had a great time exploring was Lower Greenville.  There were a few abandoned houses scattered amongst beautiful ranch-style houses throughout the neighbourhood.  But the biggest surprise of all came when we wondered in to a magical, hidden place called the 'Truck Yard'.  We spotted an ice cream place along a small side street, and decided to check it out.  Wes wandered around the side of the small stand, and found himself walking along a walkway, which opened up in to an old truck yard filled with food trucks and a bar run out of an old Airstream trailer.  There was a stage made from the back of an old delivery truck and vintage hand-painted ads.

Another great surprise find was a tiny roadside taco stand we found on the way to grab coffee one morning.  It was located at the corner of a gas station lot, and though it was closed up when we saw it in the morning, we decided to come back later and check it out. 

We went for dinner one night, and after ordering some tacos, I stood in line and ordered elotes, (Mexican street corn), from the owner, Jose Gaytan.  It was almost hypnotic watching him work.  He was so quick!  And the elotes were the best I've ever had.  (I've also usually eaten the corn straight off the cob, but Jose puts his in a cup to make it easier to eat).  You can watch him making them, here.

I've got more photos and stories to post on the blog, so I'll have more to share tomorrow.