Paintings of Vehicles

Something you may not know about me or my work; I love painting vehicles.  I love painting structural things, because working in watercolour is such an organic, fluid thing, objects with straight lines and form are a great challenge.

I've recently had a couple of opportunities to work on truck paintings for a couple of different clients.  The first was for a local wine distribution company, The Vine, for their annual wine catalogue.  It's a view of their Piaggio Ape from the front for the first page of the catalogue, and the back view on the final page.  I was really happy with how these turned out.

Another couple of illustrations I've worked on of vehicles recently where both for The New York Times Magazine's Lives section; both accompanying great short non-fiction stories.  The first was a story about a man taking his young son on a ride in a cab in Tel Aviv-

Watercolours are a very loose, unrestrained medium, and it's quite difficult to get accurate straight and curved shapes out of the paint.  I love using them for this reason; because the mistakes are often the most beautiful parts of a painting.